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Use Case: Dave & Buster's

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Dave & Buster's (D&B) is a restaurant and entertainment chain. Dave & Buster’s has 137 locations in the United States and Canada, with more announced to open soon. Every location has a full-service restaurant and a video arcade. They also refer to their industry as ‘eatertainment’. Dave & Buster's had their go with the Coupontools advanced coupon builder and immediately noticed it was the perfect platform for their needs. They always have cleverly used the Coupontools platform to promote their services and are one of the most successful businesses to use our platform.

The campaign setup looked like this:

First, Coupontools provided a coupon solution that integrated seamlessly into D&B's current POS system. Every coupon displays a unique GS1 barcode that is recognized by the POS system to prevent fraud. 

Once the connection between D&B and Coupontools was established, it was time to create digital coupons. Dave & Busters created digital coupons using the powerful Coupontools coupon builder. The builder gave them full control of the layout, look and feel and functionalities of the digital coupons.

The marketers of D&B distribute the coupons through social media or embed the coupons in emails. If the audience wants to claim the discount, there often is a data capture method attached to the coupon. Users have to register themselves. That is how D&B collects data from coupon users.

When successfully registered, the customer has access to the discount. They often use one coupon per restaurant location. However, in some campaigns, they use multiple redeem locations for the same coupon. They have set up the separate redeem locations, with a different password. It made it possible to track the validations for every redeem location.

It was easy to roll out the campaign because D&B has a centralized marketing approach for all the locations. The headquarters created most campaigns for all restaurant locations. Since every restaurant location uses the same POS system, it was easy to connect it with the Coupontools platform.

Why this approach?

Dave and Buster’s created and distributed mobile coupons to attract new customers and have existing customers to come back more often. Nowadays, D&B also uses coupons to promote its new locations.

The Campaign Summary:

  • Regular Coupon created using the advanced Coupontools coupon builder
  • Coupon distributed through email or social media
  • The connection between their POS and the Coupontools platform
  • Custom validation method using their existing POS
  • Unique, single-use Coupon to prevent fraud

Campaigns resulted in: 

  • More customer data
  • More venue traffic
  • More conversions
  • More revenue
  • Accurate overview of the ROI

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