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Digital Payment Vouchers

Digital Payment Voucher

Digital Payment Vouchers allow users to fulfill digital payments through the Voucher.

It’s mainly used in take-away, delivery, pre-order or deposit situations.

It’s a convenient tool to settle payments in advance and ask for crucial personal data such as address, phone numbers names and more.

Email notifications setup for Digital Payment Vouchers.

Notified by email

Receive notifications for every Payment Voucher purchase.

Payment page in a Digital Payment Voucher.

Allow payments

Coupontools supports payments through: Mollie, PayPal, Stripe or helps you implement a custom payment solution.

User-friendly platform for the creation of Digital Payment Vouchers.

Integrated templates

Start from a professional template and customize it to your taste.

Digital Payment Voucher templates.

User-friendly platform

Creating Digital Payment Vouchers is fast and easy.

Digital Payment Voucher data capture options.

Capture data

Ask for crucial personal data before users can continue.

Digital Payment Voucher distribution options.

Multi channel distribution

Spread your Digital Payment Vouchers through your beloved communication channel.

Digital Payment Voucher validation methods.

Built-in validation methods

Choose from 5 different validation methods to validate the voucher while redeeming.

Digital Gift Card with your branding

Add brand visibility

Add your logo, images and branding to your Digital Payment Vouchers.

How does it work?

Coupontools phone emulator

Sounds interesting. Experience the payment voucher flow yourself and make a test payment.

Open the voucher below, enter the dummy credit card credentials and see it yourself.

  • Credit card credentials:
  • 4242 4242 4242 4242
  • Any future expiration date and CVC code.
  • Validation password:
  • test

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