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10 marketing gamification examples you will not forget

Gamification is increasingly popular lately. Customers are looking for more than only discounts. They want to be entertained. Digital gamified coupons perfectly respond to that by combining the best of both worlds. Have a look a some of the most effective gamification campaigns that Coupontools contributed in. 

  1. Sipwell – Valentine – Slot machine
    This case of Sipwell, a b2b, and b2c water cooler supplier, is a great example. They used gamified coupons to offer their loyal customers a unique experience and the chance to win something. Check how the campaign worked. 
  2. Coca Cola – Recycle
    This campaign is a paragon of a durable phygital gamification case. Coca Cola and Coupontools developed a garbage bin that distributes a Coupon by QR Code when someone deposits a bottle. This is how their campaign setup looks.
  3. Shopping center gamification
    This is an excellent customer story of a shopping center. They offer a digital game at a physical shopping center. The perfect approach is to provide experiences, entertain the visitors, and capture data from them to use in future digital marketing campaigns. Read the detailed customer story!
  4. Zain – Custom game
    Zain is one of the greatest Telcos in the Middle east. Coupontools developed a Match and Win, a gamified coupon for Zain. Users would have various chances to match a valid pair. If they managed to do that, they could win amazing prizes. Check it out!
  5. Zain – Spin Wheel
    Zain launched a lovely gamification campaign to make subscription payments a fun experience. Zain added a digital spin wheel coupon to every payment clients have to fulfill through the app. This way, they're paying and have a chance to win something valuable at the same moment. Check how the campaign was set up.
  6. Blikk
    This is one of the early campaigns at Coupontools with a phygital approach. Blikk, a famous newspaper, added digital scratch off coupons to their newspaper. This is how the campaign worked.
  7. Belfius Hockey League
    In Belgium, the Hockey league used a gamified coupon to engage with their fans and offer them added value. Have a look at their case!
  8. Phygital Marketing Coca Cola
    Customers receive a flyer by every purchased Coca Cola Enterprise product. On this flyer, there's a QR code printed. Customers can scan it and play a game to win a future discount on one of their products. Read the customer story to learn more about it.
  9. Oma Fresh Foods
    To promote the new store's opening in town, Oma Fresh Foods used Coupontools to distribute digital scratch off coupons. This way, Oma generated more awareness and traffic to the store. Check how it worked.
  10. Pepsico & Round table pizza
    Proximity marketing campaign distributing gamified coupons to generate traffic to the round table pizza restaurants. Have a look yourself!

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10 marketing gamification examples you will not forget
10 marketing gamification examples you will not forget
10 marketing gamification examples you will not forget
10 unforgettable marketing gamification examples created with the Coupontools Gamification Platform App 185 10185
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