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Platform updates v10

Coupon distribution by SMS and Email improved.

We improved our distribution methods by integrating 8 different email and sms API's.
You can connect our platform with those API's to distribute coupons by email and sms. More integrations will follow in future! You are also able to setup email and sms integrations for your white label customers' accounts.

Currently available SMS (texting) integrations:


Available email integrations:


Extra languages added

We added Russian language, Mexican Spanish and Swahili .(Swahili is a language spoken in all East-Africa.)
Our complete controlpanel and coupons support now those languages.

New coupon claim method

New claim method available: watch a video + enter personal data.
You are able to create a coupon where the consumer needs to watch a video + enter personal data to receive a discount. Watch example

Other improvements

Retargeting pixel code support added.
You are now able to add a retargeting pixel code to a coupon and select the position of loading (on all pages, after claim, after validation)

Agree with terms and conditions option added to the data capture claim method.
If enabled, the consumer can only claim the coupon after explicit agreeing with your coupon terms and conditions!

Update to the "payment coupons"

We have a solution for coupons with a integrated payment system.
This enables the pre-paid coupon to be used as a ticket of voucher. (watch example)
We also added support for recurring payments (weekly, monthly, yearly)


Platform updates v10
Platform updates v10
Platform updates v10
Platform updates v10 44 10044
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