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Coupontools Digital Coupon validation through QR Code by POS scanner

Voucher Validation

Coupontools is the most all-round promotion software on the market. Besides enabling you to create and distribute wonderful digital campaigns, Coupontools also assures secure validation to guarantee fraud-proof campaigns.

Redeem locations validate the Voucher. This guarantees single-use only, but also includes a lot valuable customer and redemption data.

Voucher validation methods

Validation widget/app

Coupontools has an in-house validation widget and validation app to mark Vouchers that have been used.

The widget runs on any device with an internet browser and connection. The validation app is available in both app stores.

Furthermore, the validation widget allows you to save extra personal data of your customers and is fully customizable.

Digital Coupon Validation by entering the unique code in the validation app.
QR code validation

Every mobile device (phone or tablet) with a camera and QR scanner fits as a validation tool.

When redeeming, the cashier scans the QR Code on the validation page of the Digital Coupon and enters the predetermined validation password.

Digital Coupon validation by scanning the QR Code on the Coupon.
On mobile device

Validate the Vouchers on the customer’s device either by entering a password or by simply pressing the ‘redeem’ button without a password. (This option does not work for print Vouchers.)

Digital Coupon validation by entering the validation password on the user’s smartphone.
Import custom validation or barcodes

Import and use your own validation codes and barcodes. Our system automatically assigns your unique validation codes to every distributed Voucher.

It’s also possible to show the unique validation code as a scannable barcode to have a complete POS integration.

Digital Coupon Validation by importing your own barcodes and validation codes.

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