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Mobile Fundraising

Digital Vouchers bring opportunities to raise funds for Charities.

Furthermore, it’s beneficial for all parties involved. The donor receives a Coupon of a sponsor in return for the donation, the Charity is sponsored and the sponsor improves its reputation and generates store visits.

Notified by email

Receive notifications for every Payment Voucher purchase.

Collect payments

Collect mobile payments through stripe, PayPal, Mollie or a custom method.

User-friendly platform

Creating Digital Payment Vouchers is fast and easy.

Integrated templates

Start from a professional template and customize it to your taste.

Capture (donors) data

Collect actionable data and statistics from your donors.

Add brand visibility

Add your logo, images and branding to your Digital Payment Vouchers.

Multi channel distribution

Spread your Digital Payment Vouchers through your beloved communication channel.

Built-in validation methods

Choose from 5 different validation methods to mark the coupon as used.

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