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Coupontools, your mobile marketing solution


Can I use my own domain for running the control panel?
Can I use my own domain for displaying the coupons?
In which countries and languages does your platform work?
Who is behind Coupontools?
Do I need webhosting?
How do I set up my white label account?
Can I customize the login page?
Is it possible to remove the Coupontools branding?
Can I upload my own barcodes or QR codes to my coupons?
What are the image upload specifications?
What is the difference between campaigns and coupons?
Can I use protected single use coupons?
What is coupon retargeting and how does it work?
Can a customer trace the business location from his current location in Google Maps?
Can a consumer share a coupon to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp?
Can I use my own SMS/Texting provider for distributing the coupons?
Can I use any payment gateway to integrate into the coupons?
How to use beacons in combination with mobile coupons?
How can I use the 10 campaigns for White label?
How to make a mobile voucher
What is the difference between White label and Coupontools label?
Where can I find the license agreement?
What is the most easy to use validation method?
How can I give my customers a login to view statistics from their offers?
Is your Spin & Win coupon compatible with all browsers?
What's the difference between claiming, redeeming and validating?
Is Coupontools an app?
Is there a setup fee?
Do you also offer design services?
How can a consumer opt-in in Coupontools?
How to update my credit card?
Can each business manage its own coupon(s) in my app?
Do I need to publish my app again if I want to add more coupons?
Can I cancel my account at any time?
Is there a limit on the coupons I can deliver per campaign?
Where can I download the 'validation app'?
How do I send text (SMS) messages to US receivers by using Twilio?
Can I build my own validation process?


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