Can I use any payment gateway to integrate into the coupons?

We offer a solution where you first need to buy the coupon to be able to redeem the coupon. This solution can be used for selling tickets or vouchers. We offer a ready-to-use integration with PayPal and you can integrate your own payment gateway.

How does it work?

- Build the coupon and select "make a payment" as the claim method.
- Select "Custom payment URL" as payment provider.
- Enter your custom payment URL, example:


Next steps:

- The consumer receives the coupon and clicks on the payment button.
- Our coupon will redirect to your payment URL and will pass on the unique coupon code: e.g.
- You can build your own payment page by using your own payment provider and process the payment.
- After a succesful payment you need to make an API callback to our platform to indicate that coupon was payed ("Claim a coupon via a coupon validation code") to our platform. (
In our platform controlpanel you can find API PHP examples on how to make a succesful callback.
- After setting the coupon to succesfully claimed (= payed) you can redirect back to the coupon URL and our platform can handle the validation of the coupon/ticket/voucher.