Is it possible to remove the Coupontools branding?

Yes, if you have a White Label account you can remove all Coupontools branding.
When you have a Private Label account you are not able to remove Coupontools branding.

General account branding

Branding of newly created coupons, the validation widget, ...
- Login to the control panel.
- Go to "White label".
- Go to "Powered by"-setting" below the "Customer settings" field.
- Update those values to your own business.

Individual coupon branding

"Powered by"-settings at the bottom from each coupon.
- Login to the control panel.
- Go to "My coupons".
- Go to "Edit coupon".
- Go to "Advanced".
- Update the "Powered by" settings here.

If you don't see the "Advanced" tab, go to "Settings" and enable "Advanced coupon builder".