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Use Case: McDonald's Customer Care

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McDonald’s Hamilton, based in New Zealand was looking for a solution to automate the digital customer care flow.  They found out about Coupontools and continued their research. They noticed Coupontools already contributed in such a campaign as they had in mind. 

McDonalds Hamilton had their go with the Coupontools’ advanced coupon builder and immediately noticed it was the perfect platform for their needs. They were looking for automation, unique digital vouchers and a connection between Coupontools, Formstack and their existing CRM tool. Formstack is their current way to collect customer complaints and pass this data to their CRM.

How the campaign worked:
First McDonald’s New Zealand created the digital voucher with the powerful Coupontools coupon builder. The builder gave them full control of the lay out, look and feel and functionality of the digital voucher. McDonald’s Hamilton was looking for a single use voucher with zero fraud possibilities. 

To deliver the unique digital voucher to the customer, McDonalds Hamilton used (automated) emails with the unique voucher embedded. Every customer, who filed a complaint, had to fill in their email address in order to receive the digital voucher for compensation.

A Zapier connection between Formstack, Coupontools and their current CRM guaranteed an automated coupon process and data transit. Every customer, who filed their complaint properly, received a unique voucher based on the issue.

Every voucher sent, was unique and therefore single use. It was a prevention for complainants who would share the voucher with friends. If someone other than the complainant already used the voucher, it became burned and ‘unusable’ for further validations. For validation they used a simple ‘burn’ button. 

It resulted in a fully automated voucher process and made it possible to collect digital data about their customers and insights in the redemption of the vouchers.

Why this approach?
McDonald’s in general attaches great importance to the complaints of their customers. They understand that unsatisfied customers are more likely to spread their bad experiences with others. If you have a great complaint management approach, you can reverse an issue into a ‘good thing’. There always will be issues and complaints, that’s something you can’t avoid. It’s the way you deal with them that shapes your company image. 

Automating the flow reduced the workload in the matter of dealing with complaints and ensured every complainer received a proper compensation. Zapier made it possible to automated the entire flow without development knowledge. 

The Campaign Summary:

  • Regular voucher created with the advanced Coupontools coupon builder
  • Connection between Formstack, their CRM and their POS
  • Automated process using Zapier
  • Voucher embedded in the email
  • Unique single-use voucher
  • Resulted in more customer data

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