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Use Case: Gamification for Data?

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Dipndip is a large chain of Chocolate cafes mainly located in the Middle East. Their chocolate cafes are established at over 128 locations. To reward and entertain their visitors,  DipnDip launched a gamification campaign.

Gamification is a great way to give your customers a pleasant experience but also to reach some of your own data goals. While customers are having a good time, you’re able to capture their personal data in return. These days, customer data is key for any healthy and ambitious enterprise.

A waiter provided a digital spin wheel contest on a tablet at each table. The customers had to enter their personal email address if they wanted to have a go and win any prizes at the wheel. The prizes on the wheel were discounts for the following purchases in any DipnDip Chocolate cafe.

Thus DipnDip was able to build an email database of visitors who were inside their restaurant. When the visitors entered their personal details they may have their go at the wheel. Also, customers are more likely to give their personal data when they have the option of winning a prize.

What’s special about this case?

  • A gamified coupon with data entry before you’re able to play the spin wheel
  • Coupontools developed a kiosk mode so the coupon automatically resets every time a visitor spins the wheel. DipnDip could use the same tablet over and over again. In the regular mode, this was impossible.
  • Customers are having a nice time while DipNdip reaches their data goals and are able to setup a database with visitor email addresses.

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