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Use Case: McDonald's Customer Care

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Caspers Company is a family business being carried forward generation after generation of Caspers. The company started with Fritz Casper as he opened the very first McDonald's in Tampa on South Dale Mabry about 60 years ago and the company has been carrying forward this legacy.

Coupontools has played a big part in McDonald’s digital customer care campaign for Caspers Company. We provided a digital reimbursement system that helped the consumer relation agents at McDonald's to be able to solve consumer complaints as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The McDonald’s digital customer care campaign stated that every customer who experienced an issue in any of the McDonald’s locations and lodged a complaint, would receive a digital voucher for a free meal or drink.  However, an important aspect of this campaign was that each voucher can only be used once. To execute this little component of the campaign, we added a simple validation button with each digital coupon which indicates if a coupon has been used before. That’s how Coupontools was able to deliver a systematic process that’s simple, quick and effective for both the management team  and the customers at McDonald's.

There has been a big shift from the traditional printed coupons to the current digital coupons sent via SMS. This shift towards more technology-savvy methods is growing worldwide and it’s about time that McDonald’s also keeps up with the world trends.

Few highlights of McDonald’s digital customer care campaign included:

  • Customers who received the voucher were able to see all of McDonald’s locations where they could redeem the coupon.
  • The redemption of the voucher is super easy with the simple validation button.
  • The reporting tool for the campaign shows insights like the redemption rate and it also tracks the voucher journey.
  • There are different vouchers created and the sender can choose which specific voucher to send. 
  • Receiving the voucher is very easy for the customers, they receive a text message with the voucher on their mobile devices.

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