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Use Case: KFC & Pizza Hut Honduras

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Serving in the industry for more than 27 years, Grupo Comidas is a group of restaurant chains, representing globally successful brands in Honduras. They wanted to benefit from our platform to create easy-to-redeem coupons for Pizza Hut and KFC in Honduras. This strategy was an attempt to take their mobile marketing campaigns to the next level. Since Grupo Comidas intended to create multiple campaigns and different offers in a shorter span of time, Coupontools provided the best platform to help them promote their services more effectively.

Dining services are always on the lookout for unique ways to make it easy for their customers to redeem coupons or use deal vouchers. By creating various campaigns, Grupo Comidas was able to accomplish more sales within a shorter time frame. The campaign consistently attracted more peopled who became regular customers to enjoy Pizza Hut and KFC in the region.

Here are a few ways Coupontools was able to push Group Comidos for more sales.

  • Creation of easy-to-use coupons for Pizza Hut and KFC in Honduras
  • Generation of multiple offers and several unique mobile marketing campaigns
  • New campaign created within minutes, thanks to an efficient campaign builder
  • All results are easy to record and monitor in the dashboard
  • Coupon validation directly connected with their existing POS through API's

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