Print marketing, like advertising in newspapers, on billboards and in magazines, can be easily changed into engaging mobile marketing campaigns. Combine your existing offline advertising with our mobile campaign builder to mobilize your print ads in an effective way.

Four reasons why you should use Coupontools to mobilize your print ads

Mobile engagement

Coupontools offers different ways for engaging with your customers. You can require additional actions from consumers like 'watch a video', 'install an app', 'make a payment' or 'enter personal data' to obtain an offer.

Add branded gamification to your ads by using our scratch & win coupons.

Big data

Coupontools collects big data and statistics from your customers for easy and precise processing and re-marketing.

Coupontools gives you detailed insights in your ad campaign results with advanced and exportable statistics.

Requiring an optional social login to access the coupon will provide you consumer data and statistics.

Save & redeem

Consumers can save mobile offers to their phone with our built-in saving options. We support save to email and PDF.

Coupontools also integrates with Apple Passbook and Google Wallet for saving offers in mobile wallets.

The redeem location can validate the coupon with our integrated validation methods. You can also incorporate unique barcodes in the offers to integrate the coupons with existing POS-systems.

Calculate ROI

The effectiveness of printed advertising is not easily measurable.

By mobilizing your advertising with Coupontools, you can instantly track campaign results and easily calculate your return on investment.

Example case

Coupontools adds advanced mobile solutions to your print media. For example, you can print a unique promocode on the frontpage of every single newspaper. Consumers can scan a QR barcode and enter the unique promocode in a popup screen. Every unique promocode gives access to a unique single use scratch coupon with several winning chances and prizes.

Check a use case from a tabloid in Hungary.

Use case

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