You can connect our platform with SMS gateways and distribute mobile coupons to your customers by SMS (text). You can create, import and manage SMS databases and send bulk coupon SMS messages.

sms marketing with mobile coupons

How does it work?

1. Create or use an account from the supported SMS service providers below.
2. Login to our control panel, go to 'distribute' and select 'by SMS'. Then you can connect our platform with your SMS service provider.
3. Once you are connected you can distribute our mobile coupons through our platform control panel.


Our platform can send single use coupon codes whereby every SMS receiver will automatically receive an unique coupon URL.
Previously, businesses and stores doubted the reliability of the coupons that were given away in promotions as they weren't able to exert control over their use, occasionally resulting in cheating or the repeated use of coupons. By using our single use coupon method in combination with our coupon validation methods you are protected from fraud.

We support the following SMS service providers:

Cardboardfish (mblox)
Info: Cardboardfish (Mblox) is a UK based SMS provider based in London with coverage for over 200 countries.
How to start? Create an account on Login and add a "HTTP API service". Enter your username/password from the HTP API service to connect!
Info: Clickatell is an international SMS provider with coverage for over 224 countries and territories
How to start? Create an account on and use the HTTP API login credentials
GTX Messaging
Info: GTX Messaging was founded in 2006 as a mobile messaging specialist of Venista Ventures from Cologne. GTX assures you to send SMS messages secure and cost-efficient globally
How to start? Create an account on
Info: Infobip is a worldwide SMS provider
How to start? Create an account on
Info: MoceanSMS is a Malaysia based SMS provider with international routes
How to start? Create an account and you will receive a KEY and SECRET. Enter your key and secret to connect.
Info: Nexmo is a USA based SMS provider, and has solutions for long numbers, shortcodes, and voice.
How to start? Create an account on . Login and use your "key" and "secret" to connect.
Info: SMShosting is a Italy based SMS provider specialized in traffic to Italy
How to start? Create here an account
Info: SMStools is a Belgium SMS provider specialized in SMS traffic for Western Europe like Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, UK.
How to start? Create an account on and you will receive your username and password by email.
Info: Socialcom Kenya has a good SMS coverage in the East Africa Market.
How to start? Create an account on
Tech Sup Marketing
Info: Tech Sup Marketing is a Saudi Arabia based SMS provider.
Info: Twilio is a USA based SMS provider, expert in voice and sms messages and has customers like Coca-Cola, Paypal, Uber, Shopify ...
How to start? Create an account, add some balance. Inside the account settings you can find AccountSID and AuthToken. Depends on your country you may need to setup a shortcode or sender number.
Info: VHD Media Group is a Swedish SMS provider
How to start? Create an account on

Is your SMS service provider not in our list? Then contact us at

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