You can connect our platform with email service providers and distribute mobile coupons to your customers by email. You can create, import and manage email databases and send bulk coupon emails.

Advantages of Coupontools for distributing mobile coupons by email

Protected single use coupons

Our platform can send single use coupon codes whereby every email receiver will automatically receive an unique coupon URL.

Previously, businesses and stores doubted the reliability of the coupons that were given away in promotions as they weren't able to exert control over their use, occasionally resulting in cheating or the repeated use of coupons.

Save and redeem

Consumers can save mobile offers to their smartphones. Coupontools integrates with Apple Passbook and Google Wallet for saving offers in mobile wallets.

The redeem location can validate the coupon with our integrated validation methods.

Flexible validation methods

By using our single use coupon method in combination with our coupon validation methods you are protected from fraud.

You can use 5 different validation methods including POS integrations with barcodes.

How does it work?

1. Create or use an account from the supported email service providers below.
2. Login to our control panel, go to 'distribute' and select 'by email'. Then you can connect our platform with your email service provider.
3. Once you are connected you can distribute our mobile coupons through our platform control panel.
4. Import and manage your existing customer databases into the control panel.

We support the following email service providers:

Free SMTP server
Info: Free basic email server without advanced spam reporting.
Info: Mandrill is a scalable and affordable paid add-on email infrastructure service from MailChimp and is trusted by more than 375,000 customers
How to start? Login to Mailchimp and activate the Mandrill add-on. Enter your SMTP username and SMTP password (API key) to connect. Additional you need to setup DKIM and SPF records.
Info: SendGrid is the world's largest standalone Email Infrastructure as a Service provider. Sendgrid has email delivery service for more than 180,000 companies including technology leaders like Pinterest, Spotify, and Uber.
How to start? Create an account on Go to and create a new API credential.
Is your email service provider not in our list? Then contact us at [email protected].

Available coupon distribution methods

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