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Digital Memory Game Coupon on a smartphone.

Digital Memory Game

Add gamification to your mobile marketing efforts with our Memory Game Coupons.

They bring fun, engagement and interaction. Furthermore, this Gamified Coupon is perfect to improve brand awareness, generate store visits and boost conversions.

What are the benefits ?

Digital Memory Game Coupon on a smartphone.
Add fun through gamification

People love a little game and the entertainment it brings. It gives the user a winner’s feeling which stimulates impulsive purchases.

Digital Memory Game Coupon with your branding.
Add brand visibility

Add your logo, images and branding to your Digital Memory Game Coupons.

Digital Memory Game Coupon retries and resets.

Memory game is fully based on the players’ skills instead of luck.

Digital Memory Game Coupons are based on the user’s skill.
Flexible retries & resets

Set up retries and a reset timer to allow players to play the Coupon again after a specific time.

Digital Memory Game Coupon time limitations settings.
Set up time limitations

Set up specific timeframes for every prize. E.g. Prize 1: completion within 30 secs. Prize 2: completion within a minute.

Digital Memory Game Coupon data capture options.
Capture data

Require a social login or ask to fill out a form before users can play your Gamified Coupon.

Digital Memory Game Coupon distribution options.
Multi-channel distribution

Distribute your Memory Game Coupons through your favorite digital marketing channel.

Digital Memory Game Coupon validation methods.
Validation Methods

Choose from 5 different validation methods to mark the coupon as used.

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You are in good

Digital payment vouchers as a solution for local merchants to generate revenue in times of lockdown. Here's how it works:

Quest Computers - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Quest Computers
Payment vouchers

Kout Food Group is a large concern with multiple big brands in its portfolio. Have a look at their stunning Burger King campaign.

Kout Food - Burger King - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Kout Food - Burger King

To reward their existing clients SipWell launched a Holiday Coupon Campaign!

SipWell - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

The KFC headquarters of the United Kingdom and Ireland were looking to digitize their current customer care approach.

KFC - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Customer Care

Oma Fresh Foods recently opened a new location. Check how they used the Coupontools' coupons to gain exposure.

Oma Fresh Food - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Oma Fresh Food

PepsiCo boosted up Round Table Pizza sales with gamified coupons from Coupontools.

Pepsico & Round Table Pizza  - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Pepsico & Round Table Pizza

A Zimbabwean NGO was looking for an innovative solution to distribute food vouchers. Digital Payment Vouchers turned out to be the perfect solution!

Catholic Relief Services NGO - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Catholic Relief Services NGO
Payment Vouchers

Tablesfull is a restaurant-focused agency that, like the name already reveals, helps restaurants fill their tables on a regular basis. 

Tablesfull Agency - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Tablesfull Agency

SipWell launched a gamified coupon campaign to reward their loyal customers.

SipWell - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Burger King Cyprus uses Coupontools to boost their mobile marketing!

Burger King - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Burger King

Phygital Scratch & Win Marketing case for Coca Cola Belgium

Coca Cola Belgium - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Coca Cola Belgium

Mobile Guest is a digital agency situated in Canada. They provide 100+ clients in all kinds of industries with digital coupons. 

Mobile Guest - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Mobile Guest

McDonald's Hamilton was looking for a solution to automate the digital customer care flow.

McDonald's Customer Care - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
McDonald's Customer Care
Customer Care

Melvita was interested in using a durable coupon solution: 

Melvita - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Dave & Buster's is a restaurant and entertainment chain with 137 locations across the United States.

Dave & Buster's - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Dave & Buster's

Zain Bahrein, a leading telecommunications operator chose to reward loyal customers with gamified coupons. 

Zain Bahrain - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Zain Bahrain

Ecco is a Danish shoe retailer. They've set up a special Holiday Campaign using digital Spin Wheel coupons.

ECCO - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Coupontools added a new dimension to the digital invitation.

Het Belang van Limburg - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Het Belang van Limburg

Shopping 1 Genk used gamification to gather personal visitor data. Here's how it worked:

Wereldhave - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Fan engagement

McDonald's launched a digital customer care campaign. Coupontools was honoured to help with the campaign!

McDonalds Caspers - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
McDonalds Caspers
Customer Care

Shell is the number #1 global lubricant supplier and manufactures a full range of motor oils.

Shell Motor Oils Kenya - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Shell Motor Oils Kenya

Coca Cola stimulates customers to recycle by offering digital experiences!

Coca Cola Belgium - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Coca Cola Belgium
Fan engagement

We’ve served Coca-Cola The Netherlands to help them take their location-based coupons to the next level

Coca Cola The Netherlands - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Coca Cola The Netherlands

Coupontools cooperated with Lidl on an amazing Mother's Day Campaign through a podcast. 

Lidl - Ireland - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Lidl - Ireland

Zain was able to reward customers with prizes via gamified spin wheels.

Zain Bahrain - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Zain Bahrain

The Washington Redskins partnered with Coupontools for a location-based marketing campaign. Check how we helped!

Washington Redskins  - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Washington Redskins
Fan engagement

Essilor launched a digital coupon campaign via email to boost footfall to their opticians.

Essilor NL - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Essilor NL

As part of the promotional campaign for their app, HBvL wanted to reward their app users with a coupon.

Het Belang van Limburg - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Het Belang van Limburg

Coca Cola introduced their new drinks with a Buy One, Give One campaign. Check it out!

Coca Cola Belgium - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Coca Cola Belgium

Bottega Verde is the No.1 beauty brand in Italy, with over 6 million customers worldwide.

Bottega Verde - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Bottega Verde

Essilor provides solutions to correct and protect the visual health of the 7.4 billion people in the world.

Essilor The Netherlands - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Essilor The Netherlands

Coupontools developed a custom mobile game for Zain Bahrain

Zain Bahrain - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Zain Bahrain

Digicel is a mobile phone network provider operating in 31 markets across the Caribbean.

Digicel - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Dining services are always on the lookout for unique ways to redeem or use deal vouchers.

KFC & Pizza Hut Honduras - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
KFC & Pizza Hut Honduras

Yellowpages Singapore offers an innovative way for businesses to connect with local consumers.

Yellowpages Singapore - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Yellowpages Singapore

DalleValle was searching for a new, better functioning app with a built-in mobile coupon directory.

Dalle Valle - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Dalle Valle

GFK, a large market research organization, combined surveys with mobile coupons.

GFK - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

The City of Holdfast Bay enriched their city marketing when they discovered mobile marketing.

City of Holdfast Bay - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
City of Holdfast Bay
City marketing

Phygital marketing is where the physical and digital worlds come together. 

Het Belang van Limburg - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Het Belang van Limburg
Print media

Boizão Grill use Coupontools coupons to promote their special offers.

Boizao Grill - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Boizao Grill

Coupontools helped Essilor Group Netherlands with their Influencer campaign

Essilor Group - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Essilor Group

The Branson Saver App. Never pay full price in Branson!

Branson Saver - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Branson Saver

DipnDip used gamification to reach their marketing goals!

dipndip - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Thomson Reuters used Coupontools for their Synergy conference.

Thomson Reuters - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Thomson Reuters

Get exclusive and amazing food deals and discounts only at Deal City Kenya app.

Dealcity Kenya - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Dealcity Kenya

Blikk launched a phygital marketing campaign. Check out how it worked exactly

Blikk - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Print media

Consumers enjoy promotions and discounts to shop from hundreds of merchants in Tenerife (Canary Islands)

WoWTenerife - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
City marketing

Sessibon is a leading name in the fashion industry, providing unique and creative fashion concepts.

Sessibon - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Scratch & Win coupons are incredibly popular among fans of all ages.

Belfius Euro Hockey league - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Belfius Euro Hockey league
Fan engagement

Elite Shoppers Club boost the economic stability of Barrow County with a local coupon app.

Elite Shoppers Club - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Elite Shoppers Club

Ticketuai is a cross-media mobile coupon portal located in Brazil.

Ticketuai - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Royal Resorts is using Coupontools to promote specific hotel services for guests.

Royal Resorts Mexico - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Royal Resorts Mexico

Thanks to our innovative stamp validation process, Djeans can offer secure coupons.

Djeans Jeans Store - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Djeans Jeans Store

Supercupon is a coupon marketing app in Costa Rica where local businesses can promote discounts.

Supercupon - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

Dulles International near Washington uses the Coupontools platform for parking discounts.

Dulles International Airport - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Dulles International Airport
Print media

Moneybookz! Promotes local commerce, saves, consumers money, increase sales for businesses.

Moneybookz - Mobile Marketing Use Case |

The Save More, Play More Coupon App. Find local savings throughout the city of Seward Alaska.

Sewerd Alaska Saving App - Mobile Marketing Use Case |
Sewerd Alaska Saving App

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