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SMS Marketing

Marketing through cellphones' SMS (Short Message Service) became increasingly popular when businesses started to collect mobile phone numbers and send off content. On average, SMS messages are read within four minutes, making them highly convertible.

Nov 30, 2020
Digital coupon campaigns distributed with SMS / text messaging marketing

Learn how to distribute digital coupons via SMS / text messages

Jordy Aengeveld
Nov 16, 2020
Send Digital Coupons via SMS on Black Friday

Guidelines to distribute effective Black Friday Coupon campaigns by sms.

Jordy Aengeveld
Oct 15, 2019
6 Reasons to use WhatsApp in your existing MarCom strategy

6 advantages of using WhatsApp in your MarCom

Jordy Aengeveld
Sep 25, 2017
The best SMS marketing strategies

The good thing about implementing a sms marketing strategy is that you can get to a wider audience than ever before...

Harun T.
Aug 05, 2014
SMS Couponing - Send coupons by SMS/TEXTING

SMS Couponing - Send coupons by SMS/TEXTING

Tom Hendrix

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