Mobile coupons carry on the role of print coupons in today's digital world

Coupons in physical form have been an important part of advertising since decades. But with time, the entry of new technologies has allowed marketers to adapt the shape of coupons to the digital world we live in today. Enter the mobile coupon.

Mobile coupons have raised the sales of many brands and there is a strong urge among consumers to find and claim mobile coupons. Mobile coupons have found to be a lot more convenient and therefore the use of printed coupons will decrease significantly in today's digital era.

Here are 5 important mobile coupons facts every marketer should now and remember:

  1. Mobile coupons have a high usage rate.
  2. Consumers actively search for mobile coupons.
  3. Consumers find digital coupons more convenient than printed coupons.
  4. Consumers use mobile coupons regularly.
  5. Most mobile coupons are discovered via mobile web content in comparison to email and mobile apps.

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