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Newsletter October 2016

Oct 25, 2016 Carlos Montfort

New Coupontools Website

We are pleased to announce the release of our new website, designed with a fresh new look and updated with the latest information about our coupons and platform. The new website showcases better what we can do for our clients.
We hope you will enjoy our new site!:

Stripe Payment Method Added

We added Stripe as a creditcard integration to our coupons.
Before we only supported PayPal payments and now we offer Stripe as an additional payment method.

Check our Stripe example coupon!


Flexible Redirect Button for Webshop integrations

We added a new flexible redirect button to our coupon features.
We already had options for coupon saving, validating and sharing.
The new redirect feature however lets you enter a website URL and it positions a redirect button on the coupon after claiming.

Every redirection URL will be auto-completed with the coupon code and unique coupon code, so for developers it will be very easy to redirect to an existing webshop and retrieve all the coupon information from the consumer through our API.

Added Functions For The Validation Widget

Update to the validation widget and validation widget app

You now also have the ability to send coupons by SMS (texting) to consumers from within the validation app/widget.

By adding this option our validation widget/app can not only be used for validating coupons, but also for sending coupons by email/SMS (text) to consumers from within the app.

New SMS API integrations

We added Trumpia (US company) and Tech Sup Marketing (Saoudi Arabia) to our list of integrated SMS providers.


Newsletter October 2016
Newsletter October 2016
Newsletter October 2016
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