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Platform updates v14

Updating pricing

We updated our Coupontools pricing for larger volumes
Are you building coupon apps or a coupon website with a lot of deals?
Our platform now has cheaper pricings for larger volumes. View pricing

Coupon directory update

We improved our coupon app directory. Download our example app here to see how our app directory works.
Read here more information about our coupon apps.

We added new layout options to have the sorting buttons at the bottom of the page

We added a user registration method for our coupon directory.
With this option enabled, only registered users will have access to the coupon directory.
You can view a list of all registrated users in our platform. 

Push messages integrated

We integrated push messages and detailed app download statistics in our platform, for customers who use a coupon app developed by us. Download our example app here.


Complete new payment integration

We switched our platform payment subscriptions from PayPal to creditcard payments with
With our new integration you can easy upgrade/downgrade your existing subscription plan at any time.
Our payment provider will automatically calculate and charge the correct used plan.
Existing customers can still use PayPal or cancel PayPal and switch to creditcard payments.


Platform updates v14
Platform updates v14
Platform updates v14
Push notification management added for our coupon app integration 48 10048
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