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Platform updates v13

Coupon Building Made Easy!

We released a "template builder" where you can start building coupons starting from a pre-designed template.
The "advanced builder" is the old coupon builder with all the advanced options.

Our design team created hundreds of ready-to-use scratch layouts and grouped them by categories. (beverages, foods, games, gifts, match2win, retail, scratch, season & holidays, services and sports) .

After selecting a template the "template builder" the platform will ask you only a few basic necessary questions to complete the scratch coupon. After creation you have a coupon previewer to preview the coupon on your phone. You are able to use the advanced coupon builder to update the more advanced options to the coupon. 

New Backgrounds Added

We restyled our Coupon Backgrounds integration and added 100 more backgrounds to the platform.


Text Only Coupon Editor

You are able to give your white label sub accounts a text-only editor.
Example case: you can build a coupon for your customer and setup all the advanced settings.
You can give your customer a login to update his coupon, but he only can update the texts fields , not the layout or other advanced settings.

New Languages & other Updates

- We added German language support for our coupons and control panel.
- You are now able to drag and drop coupons into a folder instead of using the move button.
- The location GPS pointer is replaced by a draggable GPS pointer so you can drag the GPS positioner and select a more accurate position.

Platform updates v13
Platform updates v13
Platform updates v13
Platform updates v13 47 10047
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