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Platform updates v9

Renewed pricing model

We now have 3 coupon modes: Active, Example and Archived.
The system only limits to "Active" coupons, so you are able to create and store unlimited example and archived coupons.

Other new updates:
- You don't need to upgrade per 10 extra coupons anymore.
   You can buy extra coupons 1 per 1 so you will only pay for what you use.
- We offer now 20% discount on yearly plans!
- We offer a "hire our design team" option to let our designers create a campaign for you!
- We offer a custom domain name option.

Improved coupon layouts

We improved many small layout details to make the coupons more pixel-perfect.
We created all new examples on our website to showcase our newest options and layout:

Distribution by email improved

We are working on integrations for email, SMS and beacons.
The email integration currenlty supports Sendgrid and Mandrill (from Mailchimp).
The next weeks we will add integrations for several SMS and beacon providers.

Geolocations improved

At the coupon locations tab you will see a google map which show all the coupon redeem locations.
You also can lookup the locations's latitude and longitude by pressing a button.
These latitude and longitude locations are used for the Mobile Wallet geofencing integration.

Explanation video

Our explainer video is now white label available for our customers within the white label marketing materials.


Export statistics improved!

We completely rebuild the "export function" It contains more data about scratchers and social login.



Platform updates v9
Platform updates v9
Platform updates v9 Coupontools Platform updates v9 43 10043
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