Platform updates v8

Updated scratch coupons.

You can now set prize limits for scratch prizes.
Situation: you want to create a scratch coupon with 1 big prize.
You can specify per prize how many items are avaible per prize.
Example usage: you give 0,1% chance on a big prize, only 1 winner, and 99,9% chance to win 5% discount.


Barcodes update

The barcode value can now contain the scratched prize value.
Example : you have 2 scratch prizes, 10% OFF and 20%OFF
The barcode for validation can contain the scratched prize value so the scratched prize can be scanned by the POS system. The barcode changes based on the scratched result.

Namespace redirection

Situation: you have an app and want to load a coupon inside the app or connect a beacon with a coupon.
Every month you want to add a different to that app or beacon.
Situation before: you need to update and publish your app or beacon with a new coupon.

Now we have a redirection namespace option so you are able to link a namespace to a coupon and change that namespace at any time to another coupon.
Example namespace :

Coupon locations

You are able to enable/disable the location(s) on a coupon.


Updated claim method

The "share on Facebook" claim method now has an optional 'Skip button'
Example :


Updated "watch video" claim method

The Watch video claim method works now with Youtube videos.
You can set the video to autoplay or manual play.
Situation: A brand can give a 5$ OFF discount to a customer only when the client first watch the video from a sponsor.  Example video coupon:


Age gating improved

You can set 18+ or 21+ age gating settings for the coupon.
Example coupon with age gating:


White label updates:

We have added a white label coupon emulator with example coupons which you can install on your own website. The emulator looks similar as the emulator we use on our website. Click here to see it.

Claim method "buy now"

You are able to sell coupons or vouchers or use this coupons to receive money for funding.
Before we had only 3 price options , now you are able to set 5 price options and you are able to set an amount.
Also you are able set ask for the amount. Example somebody buys 5 times the VIP ticket from 50 USD.
Here you can see a coupon with Paypal integration with 5 buying options.

Platform updates v8
Platform updates v8
Platform updates v8
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