Platform updates v7

After three months of very hard work we are very happy to announce many new improvements to our software!

Complete multi-language controlpanel

Our complete control panel, coupon builder, coupons, validation widget are now available in English, French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Hungarian and Dutch language! We also added an auto-language detect option for the coupons to display the coupons based on the clients device language. More languages will follow soon!


Improved scratch and win coupons
Our scratch and win coupons are completely improved.

- Flexible retry countdowns in case of loss

- Option to show the scratched image on the claim page.

- We added a scratch sound option
Coupon test modus
We build a coupon testing function which enables you to easy test and reset a coupon status without performing difficult actions.
Our coupons are now powered with CDN hosting
Our coupons are upgraded with CDN support so they load much faster world-wide in every part of the world.
 Connect your own coupon domainname
In our new update you are able to connect your own coupon domainname. We offer 5 coupon domains to use and you are able to buy your own domainname and connect it.
Digital loyalty card for Apple Passbook
We are adding loyalty card options to our software which can be saved to Apple Passbook. You are able to generate digital loyalty cards and your customer can save them to their phone.

New layout options 
We added a complete new coupon design which allows you to customize more. You are able to update font types, font colors,  button colors and style, new layout styles.

Save to Google Wallet
We added Google Wallet integrations in our new coupon update.
Google wallet (currently United States only) enables you to save coupons to your Wallet app (similar to Apple Wallet (Passbook)).

Coupons with payment integrations
We added coupons with payment integrations (Paypal) to our new platform. You can require a payment as coupon claim method. With this function you are able to sell vouchers or tickets.

Coupons with a "watch video" claim method
We added a new claim method to our new platform update which you enable to let customers watch a video to claim the discount.

Example: You can receive a discount coupon if you watch the video from a sponsor.



Platform updates v7
Platform updates v7
Platform updates v7
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