Platform updates v4

New coupon example page

We improved our example page on our website: /en/examples
You are able to test and validate our coupons with our coupon emulator for phones and tablets!

New coupon claim method: promocode

New claim method released: enter promocode to claim coupon.
Your clients can only claim the coupon when they enter the correct promo code combination.
View all our claim methods.

Scratch & Win coupon improvements

You are now able to customize your Scratch & Win coupons with a logo.

We created a video that shows you how to build a Scratch & Win coupon with our software in two minutes!
Click here to see how this looks like

Coupon distribution updates

We improved our coupon distribution methods:

We added JSON PHP examples to our software, so you can set up a JSON connection with our platform in minutes!

iBeacon support
We added a distribution method "iBeacons" in our software that explains how to use iBeacons in combination with Coupontools!


Multi currency support

You are able to set your desired currency for your customers and coupons.
At this moment, we support USD, EUR, CAD, CNY, AUD, GBP, NGN, RUB, SGD and ZAR.
All our pricing will automatically convert to the local currency, at the correct currency ratios.

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Platform updates v4
Platform updates v4
Platform updates v4
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