Why do restaurants need to host a free WiFi hotspot?


If your restaurant offers WiFi, my next question is, does your WiFi allow you to build a marketing database to send out offers to your customers over and over?
Does your WiFi allow you to build a revenue stream by being a WiFi Hotspot Host?

Providing free WiFi in your restaurant encourages customers to stay longer at their tables, which can increase their total spend by more than 20%, from ordering extra food and drinks.
What's more?? WiFi marketing enables you to multiply this extra value by encouraging more repeat visits from existing customers and their friends and family.

Hosting a Free WiFi Hotspot is a Powerful Marketing Tool

People who visit restaurants are likely to be locals, tourists or business people. Each of these groups can benefit from your WiFi and will be receptive to different messages and promotions from you.

Local Customers

Customers living locally can be the most loyal and profitable customers you will ever have. With WiFi marketing you can:

  • Provide free WiFi to give them another reason to come back.
  • Promote your restaurant to their local friends and family.
  • Send offers for times when you want to promote things such as a new menu, quiet week-nights or seasonal food promotions


If your location receives tourists you can gain more of their trade by:

  • Advertising your free WiFi so they can get caught up on Facebook, check messages, etc.
  • Your customers spend more time on Facebook than on any other website, so make sure they spend that time with you.
  • Send promotions to tourist customers to gain repeat bookings during their stay.


Advertising your free WiFi is a huge attraction to business users because:

  • The hotel they are staying in may charge for Internet use or only offer it for free in their lobby.
  • They can get caught up on emails and other online work.
  • They can relax in your restaurant, buying drinks from you rather than the hotel or competitor down the road.
  • Many will not eat at restaurants without WiFi.
  • Send promotions to business customers to gain repeat bookings during their current stay or when they return.
  • Offer promotions for business meals to encourage group bookings.

Start today with your own WiFi Hotspot!

Setting up WiFi marketing in your restaurant is as easy as setting a table.
Our team can help you with the development of your mobile WiFi coupons and we have contacts where you can buy WiFi routers to set up a WiFi network with coupon redirection!
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Free Wifi hotspot wifi marketing.
Why do restaurants need to host a free WiFi hotspot?
Why do restaurants need to host a free WiFi hotspot?
Why do restaurants need to host a free WiFi hotspot?
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