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Coupon software update v3

Improved white label features:

We updated and restyled the white label interface. You are able to set an expiry date for your white label customers and prevent them from login after expiry date. You are able to enable/disable the export statistics and the support button for your customers and your customers will have dashboard with an overview of their features.

You are able to setup a payment page with your own pricing settings and Paypal account, this enables your customers to pay to you from within the white label login account.

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Passbook update

We updated our Apple Passbook integration options.
- Ibeacon UUID integrated.
- Transparant PNG support for logo and strip image
- You can set a custom message for homescreen when somebody is close to the shop.
- Option to set the passbook background color to white instead of the coupon color 
- Install links for Passbook on Android added.

View a transparant passbook coupon example 

 New coupon features

- We support now also French and Turkish coupon languages.
- You are able to only allow 18+ people to claim a coupon. This is needed for coupons containing alcohol offers.

 10+ new scratch and win layouts!

We improved the scratch and win options by addding more then 10 different scratch and win templates.
You also have new options for scratch reveal percentage, winner text colors, a 'Skip contest rules' option, ...

example 1 / example 2 / example 3

Complete restyled statistics

We restyled all our statistics and add more improved details.
New global stats gives you insights in your overall results inclusive a results funnel, the validation ratio and 'money spent value'.


Complete restyled validation widget

We restyled the validation widget to improve the user experience!
We added new buttons (add to homescreen, favorites, log off), and optimized the UI more for tablets.
We integrated coupon distribution: a store can valdidate en SEND coupons by email from within the widget.
Save/view more data is improved and we add the "money spent value".


Other smaller updates:

  • Search function in the control panel improved
  • The Facebook connect is renamed to "social login" and also has a login option with email/password
  • The 'clip coupon' button text is now flexible.
  • Option to add a 'Download QR reader' button to the coupons

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Coupon software update v3
Coupon software update v3
Coupon software update v3 Coupontools Coupon software update v3 27 10027
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