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Coupon builder update v2

Coupon builder update v2

Passbook integrated

We integrated Apple Passbook to all our coupons.
- You are able to save a coupon to passbook.
- The client will receive homescreen notification when the client is close to the shop!
- You are able to use our validation methods in combination with passbook!
Apple passbook coupon example

Complete improved and restyled coupon builder

We restyled the complete coupon builder to improve the user experience!
The new builder is more easier to use and much faster. You are also able to switch between basic/advanced modus.

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Integrated manual

We added a manual in English for the coupon builder! Every option in the coupon builder has a link to the online manual with more explanation about this option.

Flexible save options:

You are able to set only the coupon 'save options' you want
You are able to check/uncheck all possible save options for your campaign.
For example: disable the print function and enable Passbook.

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New coupon unlock styles:

Besides the basic coupon, unlock and 'scratch and win' we now offer 2 new unlock styles:
You can click on the images to see a live example!

Gift coupon layout: Striped coupon layout:

New coupon layout styles:

Besides rounded, crenelated and ticket style we now also offer 3 new coupon layout styles:

Square Sticker Scissor

New claim method:

Besides the instant claim, facebook share and data capture we now offer a new claim method:
Install an app coupon. With this claim method you can promote app installs with a reward coupon.

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Improved white label features:

You are able to set user rights for every customer from your white label account! You are able to create unlimited customer logins and give your customers the exact rights you need (add coupons, update coupons,delete coupons, view statistics, distribution methods (email/sms/qr codes/...), validation widget).
You can 100% customize and brand your white label account: colors, logo, login page, functions.
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Flexible payment options:


Besides Paypal recurring payments we offer now: VISA, Mastercard, Bancontact, iDEAL and Wire transfer (invoice). It's also possible to upload balance to your account and use this money balance for monthly payments and build-in marketing (email, sms(texting)).
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Other updates:

  • Integrated distribution methods (email,sms, qr codes, social media, ...)
  • Easy to use single-use coupons in combination with our distribution methods.
  • You are able so set a 'text after claim' to inform the client what to do next!
  • Validation page settings received a complete make-over.
  • Added: redirect option after validation.
  • Instant reset function for coupons who can be used again multiple times.
  • All captured data is easy accessable in the 'my database' and you can export this data to excel.
  • Marketing materials added to your white label account (clip-art, images,...)
  • CSV import for 'my database' to import your contacts and use them for coupon distribution (email/sms)

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Coupon builder update v2
Coupon builder update v2
Coupon builder update v2
Coupon builder update v2 26 10026
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