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Promotion management software to improve your mobile marketing

Digital marketing is a broad concept. It consists of many facets and perspectives. Let's take a closer look at mobile marketing software to create, launch, and validate digital promotions such as digital coupons, game coupons, vouchers, and catalogs.

Digital discount coupons
Discount coupons are one of the most important traffic generators and conversion stimulators. They bring people into your store, restaurant, or business. However, in most cases, it's not just the redemption of the coupon, but other items are purchased during the store visit. Furthermore, it has become a trend to add a touch of gamification to a coupon. This way, users will have a unique experience with your brand.

With Coupontools, you can easily create your digital coupons. Customize them entirely to your branding and corporate identity. Moreover, there are plenty of useful marketing features to get the most out of your digital coupon campaigns. The coupon builder includes game coupons, expiration dates, data collection methods, tracking pixels, storage options, secure built-in distribution and validation methods, convenient integrations with external partners,...


Digital vouchers
Vouchers differ from coupons in one respect. Vouchers always work on payment. For example, the customer first has to complete a payment, after which a voucher will unlock according to the value paid. Perfect for generating revenue in the short term and only delivering the goods later.

The voucher builder from Coupontools contains all the features you need to launch attractive digital vouchers. In the voucher builder, we provide a variety of professional templates, multiple payment integrations, automatic dispatch of the voucher after purchase via email, tracking pixels, built-in distribution and validation methods, and many other useful integrations.


Digital coupon catalog
In the digital catalog, you can bundle all your digital campaigns. The coupon catalog both stores Vouchers and Coupons. This campaign type is the digital counterpart of the traditional paper coupon catalogs. However, the digital variant has even more to offer.

With the digital coupon catalog builder, you can design your digital coupon catalogs. You determine the branding and functionalities yourself. In the catalog builder, you will find functionalities such as Ranking by category, search functionality, GPS-location, user-registration, featured deals,... All for the ease of use of the end-user!

In the Coupontools software, you will find everything you need to launch the most interactive digital coupons, game coupons, vouchers, and coupon catalogs. The software offers many advanced marketing features that take your digital marketing to the next level.

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Promotion management software to improve your mobile marketing
Promotion management software to improve your mobile marketing
Promotion management software to improve your mobile marketing
Promotion management system for launching digital coupons, vouchers and coupon catalogs 174 10174
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