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How a Chamber of Commerce can help local merchants with Digital Coupon solutions after the lockdown How a Chamber of Commerce can help local merchants with Digital Coupon solutions after the lockdown

As a Chamber of Commerce, you're the organization local merchants turn to for guidance and support. Mainly, guidance to digitize their traditional marketing efforts. Especially in uncertain times, when even the local merchants need to reinvent themselves to guarantee revenue. Here's how Coupontools is a significant asset for every Chamber of commerce and its panel of local merchants.

  1. All-in-one solution
    Coupontools is your one-stop software solution for the creation, distribution, and validation of digital campaigns. The digital campaigns contain Digital Coupons, Gamified Coupons, Vouchers, Loyalty Cards, or Mobile Coupon Directories. The entire platform is web-based, so there's no installation necessary to access the platform. Furthermore, various built-in distribution methods such as website, email, SMS, and many other possibilities ensure fast & easy distribution.
  2. White label + subaccounts
    The entire Coupontools platform can be white-labeled and customized to your branding. This way, you can resell the platform as if it's yours. Your customers won't see any Coupontools branding anymore. Furthermore, another major asset of the web-based Coupontools platform is the subaccount manager. Invite (local) merchants to the platform and let them create their subaccounts. Set up individual rights for the subaccounts and allow them to create digital campaigns themselves and consult their statistics and data.
  3. Mobile Coupon Book
    Everyone knows the traditional paper Coupon catalogs. What if there's a solution to digitize them completely. The Mobile Coupon Directory is exactly what you're looking for. You can easily group Coupons of local merchants in one digital Coupon Directory and combine forces. The subaccounts can add their Coupons to your Coupon Directory. A built-in review manager notifies you when a subaccount tries to publish a digital campaign in your Coupon Directory. The campaign is published as soon as you approve of it. Furthermore, it's possible to require user registration or a one-time fee before users can access the Mobile Coupon Directory.
  4. Paper to digital / digitization
    The Covid-19 has proven a digital approach is necessary to stay relevant.  The crisis stimulates the shift towards digitization. A website and social media channels are inevitable in today's business operations. It's something you can't ignore anymore. Apart from this, digital marketing campaigns are also gaining in importance. Digital Coupons, Vouchers, Loyalty Cards, and Coupon Directories are the perfect tools to generate traffic to your store, improve your reputation, and boost conversions and sales.
  5. Touchless
    The recent crisis has made us rethink our business approach. Social distancing is one of the requirements to get back to business. A significant advantage of digital campaigns is that there are no unnecessary touches needed to distribute and validate digital campaigns. E.g., Scan the QR code displayed on the digital campaign with your device or use the physical validation stamp to validate the campaigns while respecting the distance between vendor and customer.
  6. Tracible
    Apart from keeping distance, another significant benefit is that digital always is tracible. This way, you'll extract relevant customer and campaign data to finetune future digital campaigns. You'll have an insight into the campaign's open rate, claim rate, and redeem rate in a clear statistics dashboard.

Digital has a lot more to offer than traditional paper efforts.  Coupontools is your all-in-one white-label solution for engaging digital campaigns. Easily invite merchants for a sub-account on the platform to create, distribute, and validate their digital campaigns. Furthermore, it's easy to keep the distance between merchants and customers because there are no unnecessary touches needed to redeem and validate the digital campaigns. This way, your digital campaigns are 'Covid-19 proof' and respecting the social distance measures.

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How a Chamber of Commerce can help local merchants with Digital Coupon solutions after the lockdown
How a Chamber of Commerce can help local merchants with Digital Coupon solutions after the lockdown
How a Chamber of Commerce can help local merchants with Digital Coupon solutions after the lockdown
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