Digital payment vouchers to the rescue!

Payment vouchers to the rescue!

During these difficult times, businesses are trying to reinvent themselves. Business as usual isn’t allowed, so the owners have to be creative and try to think out of the box. Digital payment vouchers could be a real lifeline in the difficult days without revenue.

  1. What are payment vouchers?
    Payment vouchers are kind of similar to gift cards or ‘gift vouchers’. They can be used to pay in advance to unlock a discount. But there are many more applications convenient for today's’ situation. They’ll be discussed a bit later in this article.
  2. Which payment methods are supported?
    Coupontools integrates with  PayPal, Mollie and Stripe Payment services.
  3. Relevant situations where digital payment vouchers are used.
    Regarding the current situation,  these 2 options are the most relevant to generate a bit of revenue in a short period. Since many businesses can’t open their doors, they have to search for other ways to make sure there’s some money flowing in. If you’re also interested in the other applications, I suggest you read this article.
  • Gift Card Formula
    The Gift Card is another situation the vouchers with payment integration are used for. You pay the entire fee in advance and receive a voucher which functions as Gift Card. After you’ve fulfilled your payment, you can forward the Gift Card to the beloved person you want to surprise. The Gift Card is worth as much as you paid in advance.
    Example: If someone buys a Gift Card worth 15$, the voucher is the evidence of the already paid fee of 15$. The receptor can redeem it once for the predetermined value.
  • Voucher Formula
    The voucher formula is a very convenient formula for deposits. People pay half price in advance and half afterward. The voucher is the evidence of the payment, but also the evidence of the restitution that's still owed to the organization. Example: If you buy a voucher (worth 100$) you pay 50 in advance and pay 50 when you're validating the payment voucher.
  1. How can I set up a digital payment voucher campaign? 
  • Create digital payment vouchers
    Create digital payment vouchers using the convenient Coupontools coupon builder. Upload your logo, customize the look and feel, set up an expiration date,... In short, everything is customizable! You’ll have your payment voucher ready within the blink of an eye.
  • Distribution
    Distribution is easy. Digital payment vouchers can be integrated into your website, app or Facebook page. You can also embed the digital payment voucher in your e-mails or text messages.
  • Validation? Is it secure?
    Of course, it is. Coupontools has various fast and secure validation methods. Learn more about it in this article.
  • How does a user interact with it?
    If you have carefully created and distributed the payment vouchers, users will come across it. They simply press the URL or voucher itself and are redirected to the voucher webpage. Now they’re able to select which gift card and how many they want to buy. Once they have fulfilled the payment, they receive the evidence of the purchase. When they’re going to redeem the gift card they simply show the evidence of purchase to the cashier, who will carefully validate it. Once the validation took place, the evidence of purchase will become unavailable.

Well, this is the lifebuoy I was referring to. Might you have any questions, please let me know.

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Digital payment vouchers to the rescue!
Digital payment vouchers to the rescue!
Digital payment vouchers to the rescue!
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