Nominated for IAB MIXX Awards

The Award show is an initiative of BAM, the Belgian Association of Marketing and a couple of experienced partners in the line of the marketing industry. Coupontools is selected for the award in the category ‘Best Mark Ad-Tech Tools. It’s a category for the best or/and most innovative marketing software platform.

What’s a Mark ad Tech Tool?
It’s basically a software tool which simplifies the life of marketers and other close actors of the sector. In our case, Coupontools provides marketers with the necessary software and knowhow to launch mobile coupon campaigns.

Response from Tom, CEO Coupontools:
We’re very pleased with the nomination for the award. It feels as a true recognition for years of hard work. When the most successful brands in your line of industry select your company for an award on a national level, it really flatters you. If we could win? I don’t know, I’d love to but we’re already very proud to make the selection. For us, the nomination is the signal that we have to continue the road we’re going and we have to maintain our focus to keep improving our services.

IAB MIXX BAM Mobile Marketing Marketing award
Nominated for IAB MIXX Awards
Nominated for IAB MIXX Awards
Nominated for IAB MIXX Awards
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