5 tools to improve the in-store customer experience

5 tools to improve the customer experience in-store

The attraction of customers to your store is a crucial matter. Offering them a unique and simple experience while in your store is inevitable in todays’ marketing efforts. You have to make sure there are no flaws in your service and you only bother the customers with causes they’d actually like. That's why most of the tools, grant the client full control of the information or promotion flow.  I’ll discuss 5 tools which come in convenient to improve your in store CX (Customer Experience)  and offer them a personalized approach.

  1. Mobile Marketing Kiosk.

A Mobile Marketing Kiosk is an easy to set up tool to gather customer data. A merchant sets up a tablet in their store. Customers enter their personal data to claim a coupon or register for a newsletter,.. There is no single obligation attached. The customer chooses himself what conversion he makes and if he sends himself a coupon. The data is beneficial for the merchant while the client might get triggered to buy something because of the Coupon he has sent himself.

  1. NFC (Proximity)

Near Field Communication is another interesting tool to ameliorate your in-store Customer Experience. NFC has two prominent forms; NFC stickers or a tags. NFC allows 2 devices to communicate when close enough to each other.

How should you use it?

You add an appealing NFC-sticker to your poster or product. Now the passing customers have the chance to gather more information about the product through the NFC tag. Just hold the phone close to the tag and the customer will be redirected to the URL you want within the blink of an eye. The customer will be provided with supplementary information or a Mobile Coupon. That’s up to you/the Merchant to decide. NFC is also a relevant feature for transferring payments secure and the Mobile Wallet, which is discussed further in this topic.

  1. QR Codes

QR Codes. You see them everywhere. QR codes are a convenient tool for merchants. It offers the possibility to add supplementary information to a product, a tag, a poster and so on. If you add a QR code, a customer scans it to get redirected to the page or promotion you want him to see. It’s convenient for the Merchants because they’re still able to offer appealing product tags with only the necessary information. Yet the people who want extra information are quickly provided with it. It’s a win-win for both parties. QR codes are also used in the matters of transferring payments secure.

  1. WiFi-Marketing

Since everyone’s smartphone is always connected, WiFi marketing is a recommendable feature to optimize the in-store customer experience. You just have to make sure you promote your WiFi network well. Customers will be pleased with it and connect without any doubts. It’s very beneficial for you, the Merchant. Before the customers are able to connect with your WiFi, the Merchant is able to set up requirements which have to be fulfilled. When that’s done, the customers will be offered a nice (Gamified) Mobile Coupon/discount.

  1. Loyalty Card / Mobile Wallet (Marketing)

Whenever the Merchant has a Digital Loyalty Card in the customer’s Mobile Wallet, there are more personal options available. A loyalty card is a trigger to return to your store. A customer is attracted by a reward he can claim whenever he reaches a certain amount of points. With a Loyalty Card saved to a mobile wallet, a Merchant is able to send push notifications to the owner of the card whenever he’s near your store.  These notifications can be personalized offers or other levant news.

Those are 5 tools which are beneficial for your in-store customer experience. Every method has its own specialty. One thing is certain: when you use one of the tools, it will definitely improve the Customer Experience in your store. Customers are in charge of the flow and are able to filter which information they think is relevant to them. The features improve the possibilities of interaction with your visitor and  aid the merchant to offer a better customer experience and finally generate more sales.

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Customer experience QR codes NFC In-store Mobile Coupons Mobile Wallet
5 tools to improve the in-store customer experience
5 tools to improve the in-store customer experience
5 tools to improve the in-store customer experience
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