How to prevent Mobile Coupon abuse

How to prevent Mobile Coupon abuse

Always wanted to experiment with mobile coupons but you fear coupon abuse? Don’t hesitate anymore, the abuse of coupons is less and less likely these days. At least if you use a secure promotion software tool as Coupontools. Security is our Priority.

Mobile Coupons
Mobile coupons aren’t the same anymore as the first ones released a decade ago. Back then, coupon codes weren’t by default single use codes and many businesses who tried to be innovative were in for a disappointment. That’s why you should consider a collaboration with an experienced partner in the scene.
The motion towards Mobile coupons isn’t only beneficial for the clients. Don’t see it as if you’re handing out free money or stuff. See it like this: You strategically trade discounts for valuable customer data. You gain insights in how, when, where, how many times the mobile coupon was used. You gain insights in the customers’ behaviour.

Innovated technology
Nowadays assuring single use codes is a piece of cake for a Mobile Coupon Platform. Whenever a claimed discount code or QR-code is validated at the POS, it will automatically be disabled. That’s one of the reasons coupons can now be shared on social media but still remain single use.
The codes are stamped with a specific expiration date and time so they can’t be reused. With this enhanced technology it’s impossible to falsify the codes. Phew!

Another aspect concerning security is the way how the interested clients have to identify themselves. Previously, you had to verify yourself by email but that wasn’t counterfeit proof. You could easily make a thousand email addresses all over the internet. Nowadays, most often is a verification asked through phone. Interested clients have to insert their (real) phone number in order to be able to claim the final discount code. You’re able to use a particular phone number once. This guarantees  the businesses more safety then email addresses.

When digital discounts are used, you always have to make sure you’re protected against coupon abuse. If you don’t limit your codes as single use ones, the abusers can harm your business a lot. The code can be shared, the word of misusing the coupon will be spread and your campaign and revenue will be in great danger. Another fact is that your resulting marketing / customer data isn’t reliable and accurate.

Bottom Line
In the past there were many options to falsify mobile coupons and swindle enterprises. Nowadays the fraud options are less because the process became more secure. At least if you use single use codes (a code for each customer or transaction), you aren’t giving the abusers a single chance. You’re protected against fraud but also generate the revenue you expected, improve your customer loyalty and gain accurate and applicable customer data. Isn’t that what all businessmen aspire?

If you’re interested in designing your own secure coupons, definitely try the Coupontools Platform.


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How to prevent Mobile Coupon abuse
How to prevent Mobile Coupon abuse
How to prevent Mobile Coupon abuse
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