Digital Loyalty Cards vs Physical Loyalty Cards

Why digital Loyalty Cards are indispensable

Loyalty programs are inevitable for all sorts businesses these days. However, not every business is using them yet or are using it properly. I’ll mention a couple reasons why a digital Loyalty Card is way more functional than physical Loyalty Cards.

Many stores are still using card-based loyalty programs. Yes, those are still working but they’re not as functional their digital brothers. Maybe it’s because application-based Loyalty Cards are rather expensive to use in comparison to card-based programs.
But, does a higher price also mean more enhanced features?

To be honest, in this case, it really does. Here are a few of the major benefits of a digital Loyalty Card:

  • Ease of use – Card-free wallet.
    The ease of use is higher with mobile cards. No more overcrowded wallets with all types of different Loyalty Cards. You’re able to gather all your Loyalty Cards in one online wallet. That’s a relief for your customers because the card can’t be lost anymore.  Another interesting fact is that an average persons spends at least 2 hours a day at their phone. Every time they take their smart phone and see your (loyalty) app, they’ll be reminded of your store or brand.
  • Motivational trigger to come back
    Since customers gather points for each transaction at your store, shoppers are motivated to remain loyal to your company. They’re not keen on going somewhere else because they don’t want to miss out on any points they’re saving for the bigger reward. If they shop somewhere else, the customers feel like they’ve left a chance to gain points for the reward. It’s the perfect tool to reward the customers who most deserve it. The Loyal ones.
  • Data
    Approaching customers with digital Loyalty Cards is beneficial for every business. Loyalty Cards simplify, motivate and personalizes. Another major benefit and one the most important advantage to consider a switch, is the fact it gathers a lot of crucial data about your customers. You’re getting a lot more insights in the customers’ behavior. You obtain data about their last visit, their last purchases and which promotional offers trigger their consumer behavior. With this valuable data you get to know your clients better, you’re able to adapt your approach and improve the Customer Experience in the future.
  • Personalized
    With mobile Loyalty Cards you can easily reach your customers in a more personal way which isn’t possible with card-based loyalty programs. You’re able to send the latest offers and real-time coupons.  You’re able to send push messages.  This is an interesting feature because you can address your customer directly with offers you think they might like. It’s perfect for mentioning the latest offers they might be intrested in. It’s the way clients want to be treated these days.
  • Mobile Wallet
    Whenever a customer decides to join a digital Loyalty Program runned by a store, he has to save his digital Loyalty Card somewhere. That's what a Mobile Wallet is for. Android users are able to save the digital Loyalty Card directly to the homescreen of their phone. It's comparable with an app on your phone. How does the client receive the Loyalty Card? First the customer receives an URL where he'll find the Loyalty Card. The URL is distributed through email, Whatsapp, SMS, QR-codes,.. It will redirect the user to the actual digital Loyalty Card. Here, the customer downloads and saves the Loyalty Card. Whenever the Loyalty Card is saved to the Mobile Wallet, the store is able to reach the customer through push notifications. The merchant is able to send the latest offers directly to the Loyalty Card owner.

Bottom line
It’s clear that the future of loyalty programs is mobile. Physical Cards fall short in comparison with their digital versions. A mobile loyalty program has a lot more to offer than the common, physical ones. With mobile loyalty applications you’re always at your customers’ smartphone, you’re able to reach the customer through push notifications with personalized discounts. Above all it’s the overload of valuable customer data that’s most appealing to make the switch. These insights should be the ground upon which you compose your future marketing initiatives. At least If you want your marketing gestures to succeed and increase the Customer Experience.

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Digital Loyalty Cards vs Physical Loyalty Cards
Digital Loyalty Cards vs Physical Loyalty Cards
Digital Loyalty Cards vs Physical Loyalty Cards
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