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Boost completed surveys by rewarding customer feedback Boost completed surveys by rewarding customer feedback

Boost completed surveys by rewarding customer feedback

Customer feedback is irreplaceable and vital for every organisation. It’s very important to obtain customer feedback in order to understand your audience. Obtaining is one thing but to gather feedback without any distortions is another thing.

Why customer feedback?
Like already mentioned, customer feedback is priceless for every organization. You can fix upcoming problems before they’ve become major issues everyone knew about. Another fact is that clients who feel appreciated by the organization are more likely to stay loyal and even recommend your business to others.

  1. Your customers feel appreciated by the organization
    Whenever you ask clients their opinion about your services, they feel more respected and involved with your business. It’s very important to make your customers feel appreciated in order to maintain and improve customer retention. Your customers’ opinion matters most!
  2. Customer Feedback for better services
    The feedback is valuable because it helps your business to optimize their products and services to their customers’ wishes. The organization can detect problems before they’ve become major issues and are able to solve them straight away.
  3. Measure customer satisfaction and improve customer experience
    Gathering customer feedback is the perfect way to learn more about your organizations’ customer satisfaction and how the customer experience could be improved. Customer satisfaction is inextricably linked with customer experience these days. Find out if your customers are satisfied, improve your services or optimize the customer experience in order to maintain loyal customers.

Issues during the gathering of customer feedback
Customer feedback is always a good idea but you’ll have to make sure you’re doing it right in order to gather the right insights. You should carefully chose your questions and only ask what’s really valuable for your organization.

  1. Wrong questions
    First of all, make sure you ask your audience the right questions. You should balance questions about the product usage, customer demographics and customer satisfaction just right. Product usage and customer satisfaction questions are necessary. Demographical questions are required to get the right insights about your audience and be able to segment them properly.
  2. Incompletes
    Another major issue during the gathering of customer feedback are uncompleted surveys. They can cause major distortion of your customer feedback and even make it useless. That’s why you should always keep your surveys short and to the point in order to gather valuable customer feedback.

How to boost your surveys’ completion rate?

  • Short, to the point.
    You should only add the questions you really need to know and leave the ones out that would be nice to know. If you do so, you’ll manage to keep your survey strict and gather trustworthy responses of your audience.
  • Rewards / motivate your audience
    Surveys rely on a motivated audience in order to be trustworthy. Adding rewards to your survey will motivate your audience even more. If customers are rewarded they’re less intended to rush through the survey and will answer the questions more sincere. This will guarantee valuable and useful feedback

How can I add rewards to my survey?
With the Coupontools platform, adding rewards to your survey is as easy as pie. You start with creating a survey and setting the right questions and possible answers. Second step, add a certain amount of points to every answer. This is where you decided how many points each answer is worth. These points will be counted up to a final amount of points which will unlock a reward. As a third step, you have to determine the amount of points that need to be reached in order to be rewarded. Rewards will always be added as a coupon or a voucher. You’ll first have to create a coupon with a discount or a free product which will be unlocked whenever the respondent reaches the predetermined amount of points.

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Boost completed surveys by rewarding customer feedback
Boost completed surveys by rewarding customer feedback
Boost completed surveys by rewarding customer feedback
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