Community-centric Fan Engagement

Technology is at the fringe of meaningful human experience, and fan engagement is no exception. Would you have ever imagined rewarding fan engagement experienced through mobile coupons? Well, that’s now a reality, and a huge advantage to, to all those implementing such lucrative marketing measures.

Mobile marketing to start with is a concept that has helped many business across several niches make their mark. And the possibilities with mobile marketing are only as much as you can imagine. So, the use of coupons or any other enticing solution can be just the vehicle for your objectives.

Fan engagement can be ensured in a number of ways. Simply putting together a community on a platform can suffice with some intelligent and straightforward marketing. However, you can leverage much more when you start to make use of the latest tools and methods. This would include the use of coupons that can promise fans rewards for their patronage.

Fan engagement Through Gamification

The idea of community-centric fan engagement is a concentrated approach to this now highly practiced marketing mechanism, and it has already taken off. With portals and channels at your fingertips, getting people to participate in any form of gamification is quite convenient.

Just picture using a game for the sake of marketing a game – yes, that’s what gamification does. And, it is a concept now being used to market the most popular team sports, be it Ice Hockey, Football and many others. The idea of a game such as ‘scratch and win’ or just spinning a wheel in an app can have a tremendous results when it comes to engaging fans.

Leverage Social Media for Higher Fan Engagement

The element of surprise and intrigue can be pretty engaging, and you will find fans in your community repeatedly making attempts to win the best seats of discounts to upcoming games. The more community based you can make your fan engagement, the more lucrative it can be.

A simple Facebook page can be an igniting point. With just a few sponsored posts, you will find fans starting to participate and spread the word by sharing content for bonus points. Further competition can be driven through some straightforward social media marketing that often triggers viral shares.

It’s most likely that dormant fans or anonymous ones or even just distant followers of a game may choose to become active when you have the right mixture in place. This means that this is not a blind strategy to increase the number of users; rather, successful fan engagement is the result of a strategy that considers a variety of factors, with the desired in view.

Make sure you leverage all variables and create a road map to achieve what you desire with fan engagement.


Community-centric Fan Engagement
Community-centric Fan Engagement
Community-centric Fan Engagement
Community-centric Fan Engagement
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